Fern Hill Sanctuary

For Sale

It's so hard for us to leave, but it's time.

For the last decade, we've been remodeling our house, developing soil, planting fruit trees, establishing edible and medicinal perennials, and improving the health and structure of our forest.

Beauty and Privacy

Only 2.5 miles from Cottage Grove but the nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away through our 51 acres of forest


Walk out the door to miles of forested trails

Mature Fruit Trees

Four varieties of mature fig trees, five varieties of mature apples, three varieties of plums, and six varieties of mature table grapes

A Diverse Array of Fruit

Over 50lb of persimmons each year, cherries, asian pears, raspberries, currants, strawberries, and more

Perennial vegetables and herbs

We've packed the gardens with over 100 varieties of edible, medicinal, and native perennials, and we still have room for annual veggies!

Room to Grow

The large greenhouse is 30ft x 48ft with a gothic roof to shed snow. Double doors at both ends offer easy access for people, carts, and tools. A smaller 10ft x 15ft glass greenhouse offers even more frost protection.

Organic infrastructure

The nursery and gardens were certified organic by Oregon Tilth 2008-2010 and no synthetic pesticides nor fertilizers have been used since, so re-certification would be simple.

Drip irrigation covers all of the gardens and landscaping. The large greenhouse is outfitted with faucets, outlets, a center planting bed, and tables supported by water barrels for thermal mass with over 2000 gallons of water storage.

Excellent 17+gpm Well

The well provides water that tastes great with none of the common regional issues: no bacterial contamination, no detectable arsenic, no iron staining, no sulfur odor

It has been irrigating our gardens for the last ten years all through the summer and early fall.

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

Open floor plan unites the living room and kitchen
EPA certified wood stove and electric forced-air furnace

Finishing Touches

Four skylights brighten the kitchen and family room
Beautiful and smooth earthen adobe floor
Clay pizza oven right outside the kitchen door


Two car garage / shop
Large covered breezeway on two sides
Finished pump house with extra storage

Metal Roofing

The house, the garage, and the pump house all all have 50-year standing seam metal roofing with baked-on factory paint. The detached bedroom and chicken coop have metal roofs. No shingles here!

Just add water tanks and gutters to the metal roof on the pump house for gravity feed to the house and gardens.

The top of the hill overlooks the town of Cottage Grove.