There are several species of Angelica that grow well here in the Willamette Valley including garden angelica, dong quai, pubescent angelica (du huo), and dahurican angelica (bai zhi).  They are all warming and bitter carminative and digestive aids, and some have additional actions on the lymphatic system and the reproductive system.  Although garden angelica (A. archangelica) is the largest and most mild flavored of them all, it is the only species we grow that is monocarpic.  That is, once it goes to seed, it dies.  The other species are all perennials.

Angelica sinensis

Dong quai is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that is well known for its ability to help strengthen the heart, lung, and liver meridians.  The flavor and aroma is bitter, sweet, and warming... more->

Angelica pubescens

Also known as du huo in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and shishiudo in Japanese medicine, this angelica species is native to just the eastern part of Asia in those two countries... more->

Angelica dahurica

Also known as Bai Zhi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this angelica species is native to northeastern Asia in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  This is the first year we've grown... more->

Angelica archangelica

This is one of our favorite spring-producing plants. A biennial, Angelica shoots out of dormancy in winter and grows quickly to its full height, up to six or seven feet. In the parsley family,... more->

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